Focus Accreditation

Focus Accreditation was founded by our owner, April Ratajczak. April is a Registered Nurse has been in nursing and healthcare for nearly 19 years with the majority of that time working in clinic settings working as a Practice Nurse, eventually moving into Nurse coordinator and Practice manager positions over the last 7 years.

After completing several RACGP accreditation cycles and site visits, she recognized that there was little to no support for clinics and she decided she wanted to change this. We offer Accreditation Packages to fit every clinic’s needs…. and budgets!

The other area that April noticed after managing clinics was that the right team and training was VITAL to the success of a clinic, but again, there are not many options to help with this. She has an absolute passion for patient care and ensuring compliance but also a passion for building an amazing team or helping to build morale for an existing team. April decided to incorporate her Management Services to Focus Accreditation.

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"If the word “ACCREDITATION” causes you to sweat and stress, or if you have NO idea where to start, you need Focus in your life!"

What is Accreditation and Why is it Important?

There are a lot of benefits to obtaining accreditation.  Many of these are outlined by the RACGP and you can view the information by clicking here.    Having accreditation gives your patients, employees, and doctors confidence in knowing your practice is in compliance with the current RACGP Standards and has met or succeeded those standards.  These level of standards ensure your patients and employees safety, health, and overall outcome are all a top priority. 

It is very important to know that you are NOT eligible for Practice Incentives unless you are accredited under current guidelines and regulations.   If you are an existing clinic and your accreditation expires, your current Incentitive payments will cease upon expiration of your current accreditation cycle.

There is no doubt, Accreditation is a STRESSFUL process.   This is where we come in.  We remove the stress to allow you to focus on your day to day running of your clinic and your patients and help you with the Accreditation process without the stress of doing it yourself.

What is involved?

The Accreditation process reviews every aspect of your clinic, ensuring you are following the current standards. You can view the 5th Edition Standards by clicking here.  

It can be a very daunting process as every aspect of your clinic, no matter how big or small, is under review.  Processes for EVERYTHING in your clinic, signage, orientation, clinical documentation, contracts for clinical waste, inspection of treatment room, processes for recalls and results…..  the list goes on and on……. and on.  What if you could just hand this over to someone?  How much easier would this process be if someone was able to oversee and handle this process for you, resulting in not only meeting standards but improving your clinic at the same time?   

Please note, Focus Accreditation’s accreditation packages offers assistance in preparation for RACGP Accreditation, however we do not conduct the site visit themselves.  Currently the four companies who perform site visits are listed below.