GP Management Services

“Team Work makes the Dream Work”

At Focus Accreditation, regardless if you are looking for services related to Accreditation or our Management services, we are here to help make your life easier allowing you to Focus on your clinic. So many Directors and Practice managers are overwhelmed with their current workload that any extras just seem to always stay in the “we’ll get to it….eventually” list. Sometimes that becomes their permanent home. Let us help tick off those tasks!

These services can be added to an Accreditation Package, Management Package, or as a one off service for both new and existing clients. These services can be arranged for you, or if you prefer, we can put you directly in touch with our preferred suppliers. Some examples include:

IT *

Our IT provider is fabulous at ensuring you are up to RACGP Standards, but also up to speed with your clinic needs. An assessment of your current IT and network is a fabulous addition that we recommend to all clinics regardless of the package they select. After the assessment you will be provided with a report of your IT system and any areas that require attention (immediately for your clinic’s sake or prior to accreditation site visit).


From a small to large group, our preferred provider can ensure all your staff are up to date on the CPR RACGP requirements. We recommend ensuring your staff is always up to date, not just for accreditation.

Hardware services*

We have a fabulous provider who can help with all of your printer/copier/fax and cartridges needs. They can even set up faxes to come directly to your email or your network drive, saving you time and money in printing as well as admin time of scanning items into patient files. (One of our many ways we can help you streamline your clinic and cut costs).

Website building*

Does your clinic not have a website and you would like to change this? You can even have your online booking system integrated with the website.

Logo Creation*

This is a fabulous service that is mostly used by our New Clinic Start up clients, but we can work with any of our clients for this service.


Do you need signs for your consultation rooms with doctor names or perhaps just generic room names? Do you need flyers for an advertising campaign? We can help.

*Service provided by our preferred provider.