Disclaimer & Privacy

Non-Consulting Item for sale: Focus Accreditation has a fifth edition Policy and Procedure Template that clients may purchase as part of their package or purely on its own.  Focus Accreditation accepts no liability or responsibility for any incomplete or incorrect modifications of the template, as it is the clinic’s responsibility to complete the Policy and Procedure Manual despite the source (ie Focus Accreditation template, Template from Survey Company.  Focus Accreditation can help guide you on options to meet standards you are not meeting or unsure of what options will meet RACGP standards, however, the manual for all projects is a task that belongs to the clinic.  Any documents created by Focus provided to you during this or any other project are shared IP with you explicitly.  This term is in effect indefinitely.  This is not to be shared or used in another clinic, only the clinic Focus Accreditation has provided this to the clinic purchased for.  There is a bulk discount to purchase additional templates.  For accreditation packages, some documents used to assist your clinic may come from free sources or created by Focus Accreditation.  Documents created by Focus Accreditation are not to be used in sharing as these are IP of Focus Accreditation.  Focus Accreditation will not participate in utilising documents that the clinic does not have authorisation to use (ie template from another accreditation surveyor company).  We stand strong behind IP laws for both our products as well as other companies.

The specific services will be listed in your contract and this webpage has the most common services and Terms and Conditions.  Should your contract not be in the form of a written contract between the Client and Service Provider (Focus Accreditation) the following are some of our standard Terms of conditions that are our general and routine t&c’s.  If your contract has something different than these terms and conditions, please refer to your contract as that will be specific to your project as other t & c’s may have been agreed upon or may include additional t & c’s.

When entering a contract with Focus Accreditation for services, written or oral, all matters and conditions set out are legally binding and we have added this page to our website to highlight the general terms for potential clients as well as clients who do not have a written manual but have been advised of this page containing the terms and conditions.

Our Free consultations on the phone or in-person are 30 minutes long unless agreed to by both parties prior to the consultation and the fee will be   

Travel: Our travel area that incurs no travel fees is within 30km’s from Joondalup WA.  Any additional kilometres will be discussed and build as a part of your contract.

Hourly Rate Terms: Should you choose an hourly package, services in an hourly service include but are not limited to site visits, telephone calls, emails, text messages, and any other form of contact that is related to your project. All forms of contact regarding your project are billed in 15-minute increments.  These forms of contact are all included and not charged on a package rate.    

Deposits:  For local projects, to secure a project a $1,000 non-refundable deposit is required.  For interstate projects, a $2,000 non-refundable deposit is required.  The amount of your deposit is not in addition to your quoted package price on completed projects.  Should payment plans be requested, this will be mutually agreed upon, will be used in the creation of your contract and any late fees are discussed at this stage. However, if you decide to cancel your contract during the project, this amount will not be returned and will be deducted from any deposit owed or added to any outstanding balance.

Focus Accreditation is a Service Provider which means that we are not employees of the clients and are at liberty to work with other clients.  Confidentiality clauses apply but there are no limitations on who Focus Accreditation can work with as a service provider.  Further information on consultants versus Employees can be found on the ATO website.

Any alterations to any component of your contract must be discussed, agreed upon, an addendum created and signed by both parties.

For cancellation of projects that have already started, this will be calculated by deducting the billable hours above in 15 min increments as mentioned. For flat-rate packages, percentages will be based on the percentage of projects completed 

We strive to have 100% of clients on a written contract so that all terms and conditions are easy to review at any time.  If a client does not enter a written contract, clients will be verbally advised that the basic terms and conditions for our services are on our website under “Terms and Conditions” (this page) After this the client will be invoiced and payment in partial or full indicates that the client is aware of the terms and conditions and by paying agrees to these terms and conditions.  Clients are advised if they have questions regarding a term or condition that they should clarify this term or condition before entering this legally binding contract and before paying the invoice (again, partial payment or payment in full).


Accreditation Packages:  Pricing varies from clinic to clinic and is based on a number of factors.  If local, you will receive an assessment form and we will perform a complimentary 30 minute on-site assessment in order to give the most accurate quote possible.  If the client or Focus Accreditation feels the complimentary term is not sufficient enough time, this will be discussed prior to the service provider visiting the clinic.  For interstate packages upon resumption due to travel/state border closures related to COVID, we will provide you with the assessment form and discuss your clinic and Focus Self-Assessment form during your complimentary 30-minute consult and this will help us to develop your quote.  After these occur, you will receive an emailed quote within 5 working days unless otherwise stated.   

Payment options including payment plan options will be discussed at this point as these steps occur prior to your finalisation of the contract

Not all Accreditation Package customers opt for a flat rate package as described above and wish to enter in a package at an hourly rate.  Hourly rate items are addressed in the “Hourly Rate Terms” condition at the top of the page.